Mosaics of Ephesus

  • Terrace House Mosaic 12
    I didn't know much about the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, but once I visited there, I came away feeling awestruck. This sprawling city dates back nearly three thousand years, and once the waters of the eastern Mediterranean lapped its shores. Only ten percent of it has been excavated so far. Yet even that is impressive: Broad cobblestone-paved streets are lined with the ruins of monuments, temples, shops, and houses, many of which had indoor plumbing. An ornately-decorated library is bordered by a red-light district, and a huge amphitheater once heard the voice of St. Paul's preaching. Antony and Cleopatra honeymooned here, and St. John and Mary, the mother of Jesus, lived nearby. Most impressive were the terrace houses, probably built in the 2nd century A.D. to house wealthy Roman merchants. I took these photos of the beautiful mosaic floors inside the houses, whose patterns are fresh and lively. Perhaps they will inspire your designs!
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December 17, 2006


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Bridgette L. Rallo

I don't think you can be a jewelry artist without a absolute fascination with nature. I remember the first time I saw a real piece of Georg Jensen jewelry...I came down with an instant case of jewelry lust!
The piece was a brooch in the shape of a wreath with embossed birds and semi-precious cabs, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I think I was about eight-years-old. To this day, I surf the glass cases in the Georg Jensen shop in NYC every chance I get.
I also haunt mineral shops, scientific curio and specimen stores, a stall at an annual fair where the guy sells preserved insects behind glass, the Herkimer diamond pits, shell shops, my backyard...anywhere I think I can find something to use or that will inspire me in my work. Nice life!! I just love it.

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