Mosaics of Ephesus

  • Terrace House Mosaic 12
    I didn't know much about the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, but once I visited there, I came away feeling awestruck. This sprawling city dates back nearly three thousand years, and once the waters of the eastern Mediterranean lapped its shores. Only ten percent of it has been excavated so far. Yet even that is impressive: Broad cobblestone-paved streets are lined with the ruins of monuments, temples, shops, and houses, many of which had indoor plumbing. An ornately-decorated library is bordered by a red-light district, and a huge amphitheater once heard the voice of St. Paul's preaching. Antony and Cleopatra honeymooned here, and St. John and Mary, the mother of Jesus, lived nearby. Most impressive were the terrace houses, probably built in the 2nd century A.D. to house wealthy Roman merchants. I took these photos of the beautiful mosaic floors inside the houses, whose patterns are fresh and lively. Perhaps they will inspire your designs!
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February 14, 2007


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Bridgette L. Rallo

I don't think there's anyone out there who hasn't been taken when buying stones...I've had several MEMORABLE experiences over the years, especally with turquoise when I was starting out in the early seventies.
Also, here's a warning: EBay really isn't the place to buy stones, even though I know plenty of jewelers out there who buy from EBay sellers. The stones are rarely what they seem to be. The only exception I've seen is for opal rough...I've got a friend who buys it all the time on EBay and has done well there.
If you want a bargain, try garage sales. Sometimes, there's a great piece for sale in an old or broken setting that turns out to be a real find.
Learning what is and is not a good stone starts with buying from reputable dealers and then comparing what they sell you with what other people try to sell you. And, if you read up a little on stones you like before you begin buying, you'll be w-a-a-y ahead of the game.

Robyn Hawk

Very smart and well written - I just returned from Tucson and I couldn't agree more with the need to do your homework prior to going into a Gem Show saves a lot of embarassment. Check out my blog on my Yahoo 360 page, for Part I of my Tucson Report.


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